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Teens Aren’t Getting The Treatment They Need

Opioid use is at a record time high. It is considered an epidemic in the U.S. This is called opioid use disorder, or OUD. Only one in four teens or young adults that suffer from addiction gets treatment according to the Boston Medical Center.

There are many different treatments for the use of opioids. Some of them include taking other medications that are safer to battle it out of your system. Buprenorphine and naltrexone are two of the newest ones that are in common use.

These drugs have been used to help prevent overdoses or relapses. They can be received from a primary care doctor. The well-known treatment of methadone cannot as that is regulated.

The main issue is that doctors might not have a waiver that allows them to give out these drugs.

One-third of adults in treatment for opioid addiction started before they were 18.  Experimenting with drugs can begin very young these days. It is not an uncommon thing. That’s why it is now important to have an effective treatment for young people.

Diagnoses for opioid use disorder went up by 600 percent in the last fifteen years.


Sadly it is known due to research that some teens and young adults are even less likely to get care. This is a particular problem for non-white youth. They are less likely to be prescribed medication.

This is especially important to notice when it comes to income levels. This is because access isn’t as easy for more miserable people. Those are usually the people who need help the most.

There has been a need for more medication and treatment for young adults and teens. This has been proven time and time again by research. But it has also shown that not everyone is allowed the opportunity. Be it race, age,  or sex.

There is still definitely a huge gap between treatment for teens and young adults. There needs to be more strategy involved. Access needs to be expanded for the use of medication treatment. Especially for minorities. This just exacerbates racial issues in America.

Addiction treatment needs to be fit for everyone and accessible.


Drug overdoses that end in death for young adults increased more than three times. This is only in fifteen years.

Teens that have medication for their addiction treatment have proven to remain in treatment. They are less likely to relapse. This is a wonderful thing.

Of course, these drugs still aren’t as accessible as they should be. A part of that reason is a stigma around them. People don’t want to give kids more drugs to get off of drugs. They fail to see how it truly helps those who suffer from addiction.

People think it’s just substituting one addiction for another. That is not the case. It does treat the underlying disorder and overall save lives.

It’s important to inform more doctors and get them on board. Pediatricians need to know what is going on in advances and be ready to help teens.

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