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Supervised Injection Sites For Drug Users

Using supervised injection sites for drug users isn’t a new idea. It’s been implemented in a few places with limited results. The idea behind it is to provide a safe place for drug users.

They would be provided with clean needles and a safe place to use drugs. This is meant to prevent overdose deaths. It is also meant to prevent the spread of diseases from sharing dirty needles.

A few cities in Canada are getting ready to test this idea out. Calgary, Edmonton, and Lethbridge are going to open sites. They have been approved by the national health agency of Canada.

Many cities in the United States have opened up their own consumption sites. They are of course supervised. Those cities include Denver, Philadelphia, San Francisco, and Seattle. They seemed to have been effective in their communities


Back in August, the city of Toronto opened up a temporary injection site. This was because of an increase of overdose deaths in their city. Four different unauthorized sites had popped up prior. They believed overdoses were due to the use of fentanyl.

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid meant for pain relief. Instead, the illegal use of it has skyrocketed along with overdose deaths. This is because many drugs are laced with fentanyl. It is easy to overdose if you don’t know you are taking fentanyl. That is why it is so dangerous.

Proof They Work

A stand-alone site in Vancouver was the first place to offer supervised injections. That was 14 years ago. It is still operational. Research showed that the site was effective in its goals.

That means that there was a reduced number of people with HIV. It promoted addiction treatment constantly. Overall it reduced overdose risk and that was definitely its most important goal. A healthy community is a living one.

This site did not lead to more drug use or criminal activity. That is a concern people have proposed about injection sites. Overall more people tend to be in favor of or seeing supervised injection sites.

Medically supervised injection sites aren’t a long term solution to addiction. But they can help the community be safer in the long run. Prevention is key to this method.

There is no one way to eradicate drug addiction. Different steps need to be taken to educate, assist, and change. Safety is a great beginning for change.

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