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Hello I am Dr. Carl Payne, member of American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM). Here we provide this platform for the people who really want to "Quit". This blog will helpful for Self Starter people, and yes we must help and provide assistance everyone.

Risks Of Quitting Cold Turkey For Your Physical And Emotional Health

Often if you smoke or drink alcohol to excess people talk to you about quitting. They ask, “Why don’t you just quit cold turkey?” Often the uninformed believe that it is totally a plausible way to stop using an addictive substance. They are baffled and don’t understand if you try to say otherwise.

Sure, quitting smoking cold turkey is possible for some people. But for the majority, trying to quit cold turkey just ends up in a relapse regardless of what you’re trying to quit.

Quitting cold turkey means that you just stop smoking or drinking abruptly without any other steps to assist. The idea is to rely on willpower alone so that you can quit when addiction overrides that willpower in most cases.

So no, quitting cold turkey isn’t really recommended for about 95% of the population. There are also many different health risks that can come along with these attempts.

Quitting Smoking

Smoking cigarettes daily mean you are imbibing nicotine. Nicotine is a highly addictive substance that also has negative consequences for smoking. Overtime nicotine can cause many types of health issues and some unsightly stains.

Smoking cigarettes can give you yellowed fingers and teeth and keep you continually smelling of smoke. It can cause cancer and a build-up of tar in your lungs that can make you sick. It also increases your chances of developing heart disease.

Withdrawal Symptoms of Quitting Smoking

Like any other addictive substance, smoking can cause withdrawal symptoms of someone who tries to quit using it all at once, or even at all. This is because the body relies on the substance and believes it needs it to function.

Nicotine cravings like needing to smoke consistently are a part of that addiction. Symptoms of withdrawal often include intense cravings. Here are some of the symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine:

–    changes in bowel habits

–    cough or sore throat

–    difficulty sleeping

–    feeling down

–    increased appetite

–    intense cravings for cigarettes

–    irritability

–    nausea

–    restlessness

–    trouble concentrating

Quitting Alcohol Cold Turkey

When it comes to quitting alcohol that is known to be quite a bit harder. In fact, if you suffer from alcohol dependence or addiction, then it is often recommended that you don’t try to quit cold turkey, at least not alone.

This is because alcohol addiction is a bit more dangerous than nicotine addiction. Withdrawal symptoms can be severe and lead to relapse. You can end up binge drinking and accidentally giving yourself alcohol poisoning.

If you suffer from any medical conditions like being pregnant, quitting anything cold turkey can be dangerous for your health without a doctors supervision. This is why it is recommended to detox in a facility.

Detoxification is the body’s process of cleansing itself of a toxin, such as alcohol. That usually happens naturally after about 24 to 48 hours of quitting use of a substance and needs to be medically supervised.


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