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Is Pot Stronger Than It Used To Be?

Studies Say Yes

There is new research suggesting that marijuana is stronger than it was back in the sixties. What hippies used to smoke is no match for what is popular now. This is probably due to how the potency of this drug has increased in recent years.

It is up to three times stronger than it was years ago. Marijuana use is quite common these days and not as stigmatized as other drugs.

The Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) recently did a study. They found that there has been a steady increase of THC content in fourteen years. Up by 8 percent actually. That is a huge increase in a short amount of time.

Say It Ain’t So

Pot has always been touted as the drug that doesn’t harm you. This has lead to overuse of the drug. Now that it is so much stronger than it used to be it definitely affects the body. No drug is completely harmless.

Now that there are different ways to take the drug there are more concerns. Taking too much can be easy. Excessive use has been linked to cognitive issues and problems at school, especially in young kids.

People seem to think you can’t be addicted to marijuana but dependence is real.

There have also been many studies showing a connection between cannabis use and psychosis. All drugs affect the brain, and some just may take longer to show it. People with cannabis use have an episode of psychosis up to six years earlier than the average user.

Dangers Of Over Use

Use of synthetic marijuana has also jumped in recent years. Synthetic THC is made in a lab and can be shredded or sprayed or dried. It is meant to have the same effects as marijuana. The problem is that using too much of it can easily happen

These synthetic versions of THC are marketed as safe but that isn’t the case. They can actually affect the brain more than regular pot. There are unpredictable reactions from the brain.

Because the synthetic THC can come in more versions it can be more easily consumed. From e-cigarettes to smoking it can be very easy to overuse. People are 30 times more likely to need to head to an emergency room when using synthetic THC.

Because THC has become stronger there are more ways to use it. People want efficiency in getting their high. There is a new method called “dabbing” where they take a high concentrate of wax or liquid and melt it and inhale the vapors.

This can increase high and help it come faster. It is also likely to cause passing out, breathing issues, and nausea.

It is not safe to take marijuana in high quantities just like any other drug. People just don’t understand how strong it is these days.

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