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Hello I am Dr. Carl Payne, member of American Board of Preventive Medicine (ABPM). Here we provide this platform for the people who really want to "Quit". This blog will helpful for Self Starter people, and yes we must help and provide assistance everyone.

Heroin Addiction Vaccine

A new vaccine is almost ready to begin being tested on humans. It is safe in animal models and stays safe at room temperature for thirty days. This is a whole new world of excitement.

A vaccination for heroin addiction could save lives. It has the potential to be the new miracle vaccine of our generation. It is closer to being used for humans, and that is a fantastic thing.

It was first developed in 2013 by Dr. Kim J Danda. It is effective and considered safe in most mice and primate models. These are tested on because they have the closest reactions to human test subjects.

How It Works

The vaccine would introduce heroin molecules into the bodies system. Then it would condition the antibodies of a person’s immune system to bind to heroin molecules. What this does is effectively neutralize the effect of the drug on the mine.

It blocks the body from being able to experience the euphoric high. The high that heroin gives is often what makes it so addictive. People want to experience it. Then people take more and more of it to get to that high, which is tolerant.

This can lead to overdoses because they take too much and the body can’t handle it.

Recovering addicts are less likely to fall victim to heroin again if the high is blocked.

The scientists attached the heroin molecules to a protein that gets the body producing antibodies. They also added an adjuvant. Adjuvants can make the immune system respond more strongly. This makes it even more effective.

They went through over twenty versions of the vaccine in their research.

The vaccine can even protect against heroin overdosing. It would be a great thing for heroin addicts who have trouble quitting.

Obviously, more testing is required before they can use human subjects. But their goal all along was to make this available to the public.

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